Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you running a Semaine Fédérale Departure this year?

For 2017 we are running a dedicated service to Mortagne-au-Perche in the Normandie Region from the UK. We are also offering one way journeys from the UK to Semaine Fédérale and one way return journeys from the Semaine Fédérale to the UK.

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2. What are the office hours?

The office is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. It is closed Christmas Week.

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3. Where can I find a Timetable and Prices for 2017?

Highlight this relevant page 2017 Insert.pdf
and click "Ctrl+C" together. Then highlight all text currently in your address bar and click "Ctrl+V" together. Now press Return and this should take you to the required page. The website will be updated as soon as we can.

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4. Where can I find out what time the coach will arrive at my pick-up/drop-off?


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5. I'd like to print off pick-up maps for my journey. Where can I do this?

The easiest way to find all pick-up/arrival points is using the "Maps" tab on the main tab bar.

Alternatively, Pick-up and Drop-off maps can be downloaded in PDF format for you to print off. The Links to these PDF documents can be found in the 'Useful Links' box on the bottom right of the following pages:

UK Maps:

Med A Maps:

Med B Maps:

Med C Maps:

Atlantic Maps:

To follow the above links copy and paste the adresses listed above into the address bar. To do this highlight the relevant address above and click "Ctrl+C" together. Then highlight all text currently in your address bar and click "Ctrl+V" together. Now press Return and this should take you to the required page.

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6. If I book online, is it secure?

The system in place is very secure and every effort is made for it to be as safe as it can be. SSL certificates have been applied and all payments are through Sagepay who also have their own security.

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7. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes we offer group discounts if more than 11 people go. The 11th person travels free. You cannot book this online as we do not accept groups over 9. For Fixed Based Holidays the 11th person will be entitled to free TRAVEL ONLY.

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8. How can I book a one way journey to the UK?

Just select Med A, Med B, Med C, Atlantic A, B, Cor Semaine Fédérale and look for the one way option to the UK. For example Med A to UK (One Way Journey).

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9. How can I book a one way journey from the UK?

Just select Med A, Med B, Med C, Atlantic A, B, C or Semaine Fédérale and look for the one way option from the UK. For example UK to Med A (One Way Journey).

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10. Can I make extra payments online?

Yes you can pay an amount off your booking at anytime. Just log into your account, view your booking and make a payment.

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11. How do I get the Cycling UK Discounted fare

Just book as normal online and then select the Cycling UK fare. You will be asked for your Cycling UK number by email which will be verified by Cycling UK.

The Cycling UK discount does not apply to One Way Journeys or the Fixed Based Holidays

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12. Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes, we take all major credit and debit cards. There is a 2.5% surcharge for American Express cards and 1.05% for all other credit cards and 0.4% for debit cards.

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13. Can I pay my final balance by BACS?

Yes, bank details are: HSBC Bank plc, Sort Code 40-31-08, Account 61500309. Please quote your name and booking reference.

If you pay by cash you will be charged 1% please note.

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14. When is my final balance due?

Your final balance is due 8 weeks before departure.

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15. When will I receive my tickets?

Your ticket and travel documents will be sent to you 2 - 3 weeks before your departure date. Your ticket will specify your exact pick up and arrival times. PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO TIMES IN THE BROCHURE AS THEY ARE MEANT AS A ROUGH GUIDE ONLY.

If you made a web booking your ticket will be emailed to you.

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16. Can we travel independently to the Hotel in Spain?

No I am afraid we do not offer this. You can only travel to the Hotel via our coach service.

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17. Do I have to dismantle my bike?

No all you have to do is simply turn your handlebars 90 degrees to the left before the coach arrrives and ensure your front wheel can be released.

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18. Can I take a tandem?

Yes we cater for tandems. They are placed on the upper deck of the trailer.

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19. Can I take a recumbent solo bike?

Yes we do take recumbent solo bikes. This is subject to dimension criteria - Please contact our office.

There will be an additional fee.

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20. Can you accomodate none standard bikes?

Yes we can but please contact our office to establish availability. If we can meet your travel requirements please note there will be an additional charge.

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21. When do you operate?

We operate from May through to September/October each year.

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22. Are refreshments available on the coach?

Yes the courier will provide some home made meals for you, drinks, hot and cold sandwiches all at a very reasonable cost. A menu will be sent with your final details.

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23. Is the journey suitable for children?

Yes, we have many families who travel with us. Please note that you will have to bring your own child car seat to fit with a lap belt.

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24. How can I request seats?

You can request seats by emailing your requirements to the office. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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25. Where does my luggage go?

In the boot or the trailer. Panniers can be placed beside your bike if there is room and you may take small items of hand luggage on board.

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26. Can I take 'hand luggage' on to the coach?

There is limited space for small items of hand luggage.

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27. Will there be any stops en route?

Yes we have regular stops en route and of course you have the ferry crossing.

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28. Where can I find accommodation in Stokesley?

At the bottom of the home page, marked "Car parking/accommodation".

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29. Where can I book parking?

All the information is at the bottom bar on the home page marked as "Car parking/accommodation". Just click on there and it will give you the relevant contact information to book your parking. You will notice that the Stokesley parking money can be paid on the day of departure to the coach staff.

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30. How much deposit is required?

We require a £45 deposit.

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